Dr. Kate Bazydlo

Dr. Kate Bazydlo - Heritage House Dental Mississauga family dentistry

Dr. Kate Bazydlo completed her degree in dentistry at the Academy of Medicine in Warsaw, Poland in 1996. Following the completion of a qualifying program at the University of Western Ontario, she obtained a Canadian license in 1999. During the following six years she practiced as a dentist in a variety of clinical settings providing dental care in many aspects of dentistry. In 2006, she founded Winston Churchill Dental Clinic, and in 2010 Heritage House Dental Clinic.

As a partner in her patients’ oral health, Dr. Bazydlo puts great emphasis on education and encourages her patients to understand and to be involved in their treatment plan.

Despite her busy schedule, Dr. Bazydlo still takes time to enjoy life. She loves winter and summer sports such as skiing, hiking, sailing and biking. She also loves spending time with her young daughter, who is already following in her footsteps and likes to pretend she’s placing implants in her doll’s mouth.

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