Protect Your Smile

Whether you grind or clench your teeth, prevention is the next step


If you have discovered that your teeth are becoming smaller and worn down, cracked or chipped you might be clenching your teeth or grinding your teeth excessively while you’re asleep. This is commonly known as bruxism and it has varying degrees of severity and may be mild enough not to require any treatment at all. Often times, people who suffer from bruxism, don’t even realize that they have a condition.

If your teeth grinding is more severe, you’ll be potentially taking a risk with the dental work that you may have completed or for your own natural teeth. Once your teeth are worn or chipped, they can only be restored to their original shape and size with bonding, crowns, fillings, implants or other services provided by your dentist.

To prevent these potential issues, we recommend a night guard (sometimes referred to as a mouth guard). This mouthpiece is customized for your smile and is only worn while you are sleeping. It helps protect your dental restorations from breakage and retains your teeth to be their natural size and shape.

For some people, bruxism is acute and they are painfully aware of their condition. At this point, your dental health professional will assess whether your condition has developed into a jaw disorder. Symptoms may include an aching jaw, headaches, hypersensitive teeth, ringing in your ears and more.

At Heritage House Dental, we provide a multidisciplinary approach for people who are struggling with a dysfunction in their jaw. Our TMJ Care program combines osteopathy, physiotherapy, massage therapy, acupuncture and dentistry to provide relief for the aggravating symptoms of TMJ.
Dr. Bazydlo
Whether you suspect that you are grinding your teeth, you have acute headaches or you’re suffering from an aching jaw each morning, we can help. We understand how debilitating it can be to have a sore jaw when you wake up, when you’re eating and struggling with constant headaches. Call us today at 905-814-1600 for a consultation and we will help you get back into your comfort zone.

Dr. Kate Bazydlo, Heritage House Dental