Kid and Dentist Approved Hallowe’en Treats


With Hallowe’en fast approaching, your costume isn’t the only thing you need to consider. Finding the perfect treat to hand out is just as important as the Jack-o-lantern carved and perched on your porch!

For many of us, getting an apple from a house or two wasn’t that uncommon. Nowadays, with the fear of food tampering, poisoning and the dangers of razor blades, that apple would be the first item to see the trash bin. Following a trend of health and fitness for kids, fruits and veggies can now be found prepackaged and portioned for snacking. If you want to offer those little neighbourhood ghosts and goblins a healthy alternative to typical sugary Hallowe’en treats, these fruits and veggies can be handed out instead.

Another healthy option for trick or treaters is organic chocolate milk that does not require refrigeration and cheese strings, offering them a dose of calcium and Vitamin D. With both of these known to promote strong bones and teeth, your dentist would approve as well!

If you are choosing the candy option, look for candy containing Xylitol, a sugar free sweetener proven to help prevent cavities. Options may include chewing gum and hard candies, both top notch items with the kiddies!

You can be both the cool house with the great candy and the cool house with the healthy treats! Happy Hallowe’en from Dr. Kate Bazydlo and associates at Heritage House Dental.

Dr. Kate Bazydlo, Heritage House Dental