Coldest Night of the Year 2021

coldest night of the year

2021 marks our first year participating in the Coldest Night of the Year Walk!

The Coldest Night of the Year is a cause that takes place every February where tens of thousands of Canadians step outside the comfort of their homes to walk one night in the cold and dark to declare their concern for those who have no home, who battle to house and feed their families, and who are overwhelmed by isolation, guilt, and despair. This night allows Canadians all over to humbly realize anyone can lose their footing, but together we are here to help build one another up again.

Every step during the coldest night of the year brings a Canadian closer to safety, closer to home, and closer to a transformed life.

Unfortunately, this year we were unable to participate together as a group but we had an amazing day spent ‘together yet apart’, walking with our families to help spread awareness.